1120 Burloak Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6B4, Canada

(905) 541-3469

Date :  Saturday, February 29, 2020

Time:  6:00 PM - 1:00 AM

tickets  - email:  info@teslaeducational.ca , or call: 905-541-3469

or order on line www.tinyurl.com/TeslaGala2020  

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Date :  Saturday, February 29, 2020

Time:  6:00 PM - 1:00 AM

tickets  - email:  info@teslaeducational.ca , or call: 905-541-3469

or order on line www.tinyurl.com/TeslaGala2020  

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 Nikola Tesla had a major impact on the development of HydroElectric power in Canada.  The first major Hydro Electric Power Generation Station in Canada was Decew Power Generating Station.  First power transmission was on August 25, 1898.  Nikola Tesla personally reviewed and approved the plans.    Hamilton became to be known as the Electric City.  This presentation was the the EV society in Mississauga/Etobicoke and examined further developments leading up to 1914 when King George V, knighted Adam Beck for this promotion and distribution of Electric Power in Ontario via the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario of which he was the commissioner.  The arrival of  HydroElectric power defined Canada as an advance nation. 

FREE Presentation to your school, or organization

We offer FREE presentation to you school or organization.

Teh presentations are tailored to age group, level of knowledge and location.  City of Hamilton presentation the local Hamilton connnetion in greater details.

School presentation are geared to age and grade approriate.

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Your Opportunity

Hamilton this is your opportunity to Celebrate your history and inspire your kids.

Have you wondered why a portion of Burlington  Street was renamed?

Who is Nikola Tesla?

Why did Hamilton  council recognize Nikola Tesla? 

Who paid the costs for Nikola Tesla Blvd?

McMaste University offers a $10,000 Nikola Tesla Scholarship  annually.  How does a student apply for the scholarship?

Who funds the McMaster University Scholarship,the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) Nikola Tesla Awards and the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board grade 8 Nikola Tesla Awards?

How can we do more to educate and inspire students?

Do your want to have a fun filled day with both FREE ADMISSION and even gifts for students?  

All of the above can be answered in one day.  Join us at FESTIVAL  and you will learn answers to all of the above.




The top of the picture is the Tesla's Wardenclyffe Laborartory  that was build between 1901 - 1904.  Located  outside of  Shoreham  which lies on the  North Shore of Long Island.   It is approximately 100 km (70 miles) from New York City. 

Bottom of the picture is the Museum of Steam & Technology's 1913 Pump House.  

For the Tesla Electric City Festival, this will be known as the Tesla Wardenclyffe - HAMILTON, hosting the Tesla Science Fair and education booths that all will find fascinating.  

Discover  & connect with Bay Area Science Fair.  NTEC has been a supporter of  BASEF since 2015.

Watch continuous presentation on a variety of topics related to Nikoal Tesla, History of Hamilton as the electric City and the Five Johns.

Watch short videos about Nikola Tesla and his Wardenclyffe laboratory that is being restored for a future Museum. followed by Q&A session.


Learn More

Students will have an opportunity to be amazed and inspired by the Plasma Ball and the Tesla Coil. 

Learn how a Tesla Coil is built.

Learn how and where to get more information from the Hamilton Public Library, or purchase a  Tesla book, from our vast selection supplied by Indigo.  

Details for the Tesla Electric City Festival - 2019

Admission is Free - pre-Registration is recommended

Admission and all activities are FREE as the festival.  

FREE back to school supplies have been provided by Staetdlers.  The supplies are worth thousands of dollars wholesale.  We are preparing up to 1,000 packages for the students.  Supplies will be handed out while supplies last. 

Jump the admission line up by pre-registering.  at www.tinyurl.com/TECF-pre-register

Each registration will be guaranteed up to 2 back to school supplies.  Register early as some of the supplies are limited and will only be available while supplies last.

Teachers, please self identify.  We have 60 special gifts for you,  to use in your classroom.

Gift will be handed out at entrance to the festival upon arrival.  Area O on the site map.



Additional Information

A     Inside 1859   Wood Shed    

B      In front of 1589 Wood Shed- outside   covered area   

C       1859 Boiler House     

D       1913 Pump House     

E       In front of 1859 Boiler House    

F       EV Display     

G       Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers (Ride)   

H       By fence along Woodward Ave.   

J        EV - Rides     

K       Music Stage 

M      Vendor parking   - no in-out    


P1      Parking Inside Gate    

P2      Parking outside Gate   

Ph      Handicap Parking          

O     Entrance/Exit to Festival   


K - Music  stage





Legend of Vendors/Exhibitors


  •  Centurian (PEMF)
  • Hamilton E-Bike  
  • Hamilton Inventors CALC, Ozone 
  • Health Harmonies (PEMF+)
  • Nick Milanovic   
  • Weird Stuff   


  • Bob Bratina      
  • Colouring Tables 
  • Ham Radio
  • Hamilton LRT
  • Home Depot Kids Workshop 
  • Kumon     
  • Picnic Tables  


  •  Museum of Steam & Technology
  • Tesla Video presentations
  • 5 foot Tesla Coil - how to make one


  • BASEF 
  • Living ti to the Maks
  • Hamilton Public Library
  • Michael Wolfe projects over the years Display 
  • McMaster University & scholarship winners
  • Nikola Tesla Educational - Tesla Talks
  • Robert W  Connoly - Teslamania    
  • Robotic Teams
  • Tesla Books
  • Tesla Coil
  • Tesla Science Fair 
  • Tesla Today
  • Tesla VR

Picture Display

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Wardenclyffe
  • Decew I Power Generating Station


  • Burlington Teen Tour Band Booster BBQ
  • Ice Cream Truck


  • Audi Hamilton/ Audi e-tron
  • Private EV display
  • LeafBox Concepts - Solar-Powered Container  
  • Portable Electric / Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. - Portable Battery Storage 
  • MobiSmart - EV Charging Trailer 
  • Smartek - Popup LED Billboard 
  • CSE Events 


  • Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers - train ride


  • Costco      
  • Dundas Historical Society     
  • Hamilton Fire Truck    
  • Hats- Sajkace (Dusan)
  • HHI - Tarrick  
  • Honey    (Slavomir) 
  • Inventors Circle 
  •  K-lite     
  •  Nick Milanovic     
  • Rotary  Club of Hamilton   
  • Wallet 42

NTEC does NOT endorse any political candidate or party.

Nikola Tesla Educational as the organizer of the Tesla Electric City Festival does not endorse, or support any political candidates.  One candidate requested to rent a booth at the event.  Board of Directors of NTEC decided, if one is present =, then all local registered candidates need to provided same opportunity.    All candidates were notified..  

The Festival

The Festival held at  the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology 900 Woodward Ave, Hamilton

The Festival hosted at the Hamilton Museum Of Steam & Technology.  900 Woodward Ave, Hamilton.  Right next to Nikola Tesla Blvd exit from the QEW.




Join us for a FREE ADMISSION, fun filled day for the whole family.    Come learn about the History of Hamilton as the Electric City.   Join in the fun as you try some Tesla magic, or should we ask do you have the power in you?

FREE back to school for kids.pre-register to reserve up to TWO packages per family. 

MUST Pre-register @ https://tinyurl.com/tecf-pre-register

Lots of vendors, food, exhibitor


A variety of vendors and exhibitors with linkage to the history of Hamilton, Nikola Tesla, the Five Johns.  This is a family  oriented festival with lots to do for kids of all ages


Head Start for the Trivia

Tesla hamilton Trivia - Rules

  1. One per registrant
  2. Entrant forms will be provided to registered guest and who attend the festival
  3. FREE to play
  4. Play as a family or a group
  5. Draws start at 1:00 PM and are held every hour
  6. Draw at 1:00 PM will include all contestants  who have the highest number of answers correct.
  7. Subsequent draws will be made from only those who have all answers correct
  8. Contestants  are only eligible to win once
  9. All answer to questions are available at the the event, contestants are encouraged to talk to vendors, exhibitors for the answers.
  10. Enter early, as all correct entrants will be in the draw though out the day. Your chances increase the earlier you submit your answers.
  11. Have fun, learn the History of  City of Hamilton, as the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the Five Johns
  12. Gift card are to be used at Hutch's on the Beach.  Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

Sample Question

1. Who did the 5 Johns of Hamilton consult to to determine, if it was possible to transmit power from St Catharines to Hamilton?

a.     John Patterson

b.    John Gibson

c.     Thomas Edison 

d.     Nikola Tesla

e.     George Westighouse

2.  The Tesla EV's are run on batteries.  The motor in the vehicle is:

a.     An internal combustion motor

b.    Uses hydrogen

c     Motor invented by Nikola Tesla

d.    Motor invented by Thomas Edison

e     None of the above

scroll down a few section for answers.


Guest Favourie - EVs

EV On display

 Would you like to learn more about Electric Vehicles (EV),  
A wide variety of EV's will be on display by owners.  An opportunity to meet and talk with owners of all makes and models of EVs.  You may even get a chance to go out for a ride in one of these advanced technology vehicles. 

Hear from the owners why they will never go back to a IC vehicle..
List of EV's on display

  • Audi e-tron
  • Chevy   Volt    
  • Kia Soul EV   
  • Nissan   Leaf SL,    
  • Tesla   Model 3   
  • Tesla   Model S   
  • Tesla   Model X   
  • Volkswagen   e-golf 

Most vehicles are privately owned and are member of   EV Society of Ontario       https://evsociety.ca/ 

Additional vehicles are expected and a special interactive display area that will incorporate a lot of elements associated with the new age tight tech electric revolution.

FREE Rides

 EV owners love their vehicles.  They also love to share the experience.  
4 owners plus Audi Hamilton will be offering FREE rides to guest.   Guest please register early and wait your turn at the EV Ride Registration tent at the entrance to the Museum property.  

Guest please  be mindful that vehicles will be moving around and others will be entering the parking lot during the whole day.  
Rides will be limited by the amount of time that owners have.  don't miss out register early.
EV offering rides;

  • Audi   e-tron   
  • Chevy   Volt   
  • Tesla Model S   
  • Tesla   Model 3    

Experience the trill of an EV, the vehicles that will change how you get around in the future.   

What to Expect

Hamilton's 2nd industrial revolution Defined both Hamilton & Canada as an advanced society


History  - The greatest development in Hamilton's History was about to unfold, but would it work?  Only one person knew for sure.  Tesla had patented the complete system in 1888.

Prior to Nikola Tesla, In Edison's DC electric micro systems, electricity    traveled only a  few miles.  The Five Johns plans called for a transmission that was 35 miles (54 Km) long.  

They consulted the great inventor, Nikola Tesla, who assured them that it was possible. John Patterson's dream would come true on August 25, 1898, when power arrived in Hamilton over the 2nd longest power transmission in the world.

Tesla Science Fair & Awards


New for 2019 - The Festival will feature the TESLA SCIENCE FAIR


Building on our experience as a strong supporter of the Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair, and our awards at BASEF, HWDSB and McMaster University Scholarship, 

This year we take the next logical step and invite students grade 6 -12 to present their project that have a direct Tesla linkage or are inspired by Tesla, his inventions  and body of knowledge.

Register https://tinyurl.com/NTECproject

Discover Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla has given us some of the most important patents of all time.  His patents are the foundation of much of yesterday's, today's and even future technology.  Few know of him, yet we use his inventions every day in countless applications.  You would be hard pressed to avoid his inventions  and would be living in the days of horse buggies, and candle light.  Night would be dark, and you would be using a telegraph or a letter to communicate.  you would not enjoy wireless communications from around the world.  He harness Niagara Falls and turned night into day.  He was a dreamer and a visionary. He visualized and invented the 20th Century.

Tesla is a True GENIUS.  

 "Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. "   Nikola Tesla.

BROUGHT to you by: Nikola Tesla Education corporation


NIkola Tesla Educational Corp (NTEC) is a not for profit organization that is registered Charity for income Tax Purposes.  

NTEC mission is to educate the public about Nikola Tesla, his inventions and his contribution to society.  

The goal is to educate the students and to inspire them to pursue higher education and to innovate.

Established in 2014, the NTEC has successfully spearheaded and raised the fund to "Put Tesla on the MAP"

Excess funds from this has been dedicated to awards & scholarships for students.

Innovative Approach - LeafBox


The LeafBox 1.0

  •  Upcycles a shipping container to provide a wide array of potential uses.  
  • It is versatility and comes with many optional features, adaptable to the users needs
  • off the grid power - using solar panels on roof
  • easy set up 

Leaf Box  will be on display in area F with the EV display area as part of a large display that will include:

  1. LeafBox Concepts - Solar-Powered Container  
  2. Portable Electric / Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. - Portable Battery Storage 
  3. MobiSmart - EV Charging Trailer 
  4. Smartek - Popup LED Billboard 
  5. CSE Events 
  6. Audi-Etron

Display their FAQs


LeafBox & Audi Hamilton Have teamed up for a special display that will be highlighting a lot  of innovation  from the EV to Solar Power.


1.  d.

2.  c.

Things to see, do and or experience

audi hamilton & the audi e-tron


Audi Hamilton is sponsoring TECF and bringing in two Audi e-tron vehicles.  One will be stationary on display and the one will be offering Free rides to guest of the festival.

The above picture was taken at the completion of a 24 hour drive of an e-tron.  Come to the festival  and visit  the Audit Hamilton booth to learn how you too can get  an opportunity to drive this vehicle for 24  hours.If you have never driven an EV before this is your opportunity.

more details about this vehicle 




The Hamilton fire department will be in attendance with a firetruck from 12:30 - 3:00 PM.  Subject to no emergency call that requires their services.

Guest will be able to talk to the firemen and check out the truck.

Bud did you know.  Nikola Tesla had a fascination with fire fighting equipment with he was a child.  As a child, Nikola was observing a old manual pump system as the firefighter were working to put out a fire.  The problem was there was no water coming out the hose.  NiIkola recognized what might be the problem and jumped into the river to remove the obstruction.  The water flowed and the fire was put out.



 Centurion therapy products have been in the human and veterinary marketplace since 1979. 

This technology is based on the use of Tesla coil that delivers Pulsating Electrical Magnetic Fields that interact both humans and animals.

Centurion  mission is to Manufacture, Market and Sell the best Engineered PEMF Therapy Products that exceeds Our Customers expectation with Quality Service, Durability, and the highest Government Standards in the Manufacturing of Certified Medical Equipment in Canada 

Centrurion booth  will be in building A at the festival.


weird stuff


Cheryl and Victor will wow you with their Tesla related devices form a Tesla coil to a ulta Violet Ray machine.  There is no telling what you will find.  

Weir Stuff event books visits with clients to try out some of the Tesla devices that they have.  Weird Stuff was beating the drum about Nikola Tesla even before NTEC came to Hamilton.  The history is beyond belief.  

Visit their booth in the Building A

Heath harmonies - Seqex


Health Harmonies uses the Seqex PEMF device to help their clients.


health harmonies  offer a natural approach to great health. At Health Energies, they used Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy to help in your journey to better health. This therapy is a natural non-invasive therapy that restores balance to your body from the inside out. PEMF is clinically proven to be effective for joint pain, osteoarthritis, depression and anxiety. It also helps with increasing your overall wellness, to improve circulation and is an excellent anti-ageing strategy!

Heath Harmony booth will be in building A.


what to expect

hamilton electric bikes


Looking for a way to ride a bycicle and not worry about getting tired.  Want  to save the money on fuel.   Motorcycles are nosy and you need a special licence.  Check out the selection of Electric Bikes and make the switch.  Going up the escarpment was never easier on a bicycle.

Hamilton Electric Bikes will be located in Building A.

hamilton INVENTORS / Health Club

The Hamilton Inventors club helps to promote local investors and help them bring forward their initiatives and inventions.

Meeting monthly in Burlington, guest can learn about some very interesting developments.  

hamilton Public Library



The Hamilton Public Library has an extensive collection of historical archives that can be used to discover and substantiate the historical details of the Five Johns and how they brought Hydroelectric power to Hamilton.  

Hamilton was also the leader in technological advances at the turn of the 20th Century.  All documents in the Archives of the HPL.

Robert w connoly on Nikola Tesla


 Presented by Robert W. Connolly, Producer/Director, Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields. 

 While most people associate the name of Tesla to the electric car, few people realize that in Tesla gave birth to a world where electrical energy was used as medicine. This energy consisting of sound, light and electromagnetic fields was extremely popular and eventually suppressed in favor of pharmaceuticals.  Tesla utilized electric energy to treat himself and then patented the technology that is now just being accepted into our Canadian healthcare system.  

Bob will be providing 3 separate talks  hourly  Noon- 4:00 PM 

Topics are:

 1. The war of currents,  Colorado Springs, Wardencliff and invention of Radio. 
2. The Tesla Electrotheraputic Company. 
3. His thoughts about food, pigeons, life, religion and retirement. 

Bob will be located in Building D

BASEF (Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair)


Meet representative from BASEF.  

BASEF is for students grades 7-12.

NTEC is a prood sponsor of BASEF for 5 years now.  Teh First nikola Tesla Awards was presented to Michael Wolfe at BASEF 2015.  

NTEC encourages students to participate at BASEF 2020.  NTEC will be there looking for Nikola Tesla related and inspired projects.

BASEF will be in building D

further details about the BASEF 2019 Winners and BASEF 2020 are available at  http://www.basef.ca/ 

Living to the Maks


Melissa and friends will be at the festival with a wide array of T-shirts and other items of interest to all

Booth will be set up in building D.

The Entertainment

Main Stage - located in front of Building D


TECF has teamed up with local Hamilton musical talent of singer/song writers to entertain the guests.  The performances will be from 11:45: am to 43:0 PM    The earlier sets will be 30 minutes long and then they will be 60 minutes each.  


11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Music by Chrys and Momo


12:25 PM - 12:55 PM

Music by Marcus Starr

Music by Chrys and momo


 Since meeting and bonding over their love of The Beatles at McMaster University, Chrys and Momo have been performing together and writing original music in the Hamilton area. Originally starting as a duo, Chrys and Momo began to push the boundaries of their acoustic songwriting abilities in 2018, and created a new and exciting sound that blends ukulele with more traditional rock elements. Playing instruments that mimic their size, this couple's ukulele-guitar dynamic will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear.   

Chrys and Momo will  perform 

11:45 Am  - 12:15 PM  and  

1:05 - 1:35 PM 


Music by Marcus Starr



"The audience can't help but connect with the energy that Marcus radiates from the stage"

Passion, creativity and the fearlessness to avoid boundaries: that's what has led Marcus Starr into pursuing his solo career. After years of touring and living on the road as the guitarist in a popular rock n roll band, Marcus has finally put all his creative energy into his own music and his own unique voice.


Marcus will be performing at 

 12:25 PM - 12:55 PM   and 

 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM 

Andy Griffiths (of Andy G and Friends, KIDZENT)


 Andy's love of music has led him to write lots of original songs. 

 Andy has been busy writing and recording two full length solo albums of folk rock music (which you can check out at www.andygriffiths.ca).   He is now working on an album full of music for kids which will be released later this year. 

 We like it best when the kids, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and all other members of the family get involved. So, we try to play songs that everyone will enjoy and can join in on.    


Andy will performing 

 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM 


The Creeping Bent Orchestra



Starting out on the Cadillac Bill Show as the house band the creeping bent orchestra members France Dan and Chris discovered a real chemistry and comradery as well as a mutual love for quirky garage soul and surf music started to take the act out of the tv and out into the world. with there particular brand of guitar driven no bullshit attitude rock n roll The Creeping Bent orchestra intend to earn there fans 1 show or one click of the mouse at a time. come see a show and they will not disappoint!

real Music for real entertainment by real people! Give it a listen and we think you will love The Creeping Bent Orchestra!

The orchestra will be performing 

 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM 


 Thanks to Heather.Sinclair for coordinating the Musical talent.  With out her help none of this would have been possible.

We are proud of the fact that this year for the first time all are local artist from Hamilton and all are appearing in order to support the the NTEC/TECF initiative to inspire kids about nikola Tesla.

Thank you goes to all for being so supportive. 

Experience & Learn

The Tesla Experience


Guests can experience the Interactive 3d presentation developed for the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.  

Watch the promo for the 


Test your skill in Tesla's lab


the 3d is an interactive presentation that provide guest insight into some of Nikola Tesla's best known inventions..

Free Experience


This is a very popular experience.  Please ensure to visit the AC TESLA booth for the chance to experience this first hand & learn how to get your own app for your mobile device.

Wallet 42


 An open source project for the world's first "TRUE" DIY bitcoin hardware wallet. We will have a sample DIY bitcoin hardware wallet set up on the table that will be used how bitcoin transactions are done. We will also display different hardware components used to build the wallet. There will also be a laptop set up to show transactions done between the wallet and on our website Wallet 42. We will show participants how to view their transactions on the bitcoin blockchain and verify themselves which will again reinforce the reason why bitcoin and blockchain technology in general has been embraced 

MINIATURE Steam Trains

Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers operate functioning miniature steam trains that guest get to ride.

Miniature Trains offer free rides at festival


 Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers  will be operationg at the Tesla Electric City Festival.  So bring the kids for this fun FREE ride.  Talk to the engineers and learn about their passion and the Miniature Steam Trains.

Food, work shop, plus

Family Priced BBQ


Food Services will be provide by the Burlington Teen Tour Band Booster BBQ Crew. 

BTTBB is experienced in  cooking for large events.  Besides the great tasting BBQ, you won't need to break the piggy bank to feed the family.  Prices are very reasonable.

Menu includes hot dogs, hamburger, cheeseburgers, sausage, chips and drinks.

 Price/item  or Meal deal (includes chips &   drink)   

Hot   dog                         $3.00     $4.50    

Hamburger                    $4.00      $5.50   

 Cheeseburger              $5.00      $6.50    

Veggie   burger             $5.00      $6.50    

Chips                              $1.00     

Pop/Water/Juice        $1.00       

Ice Cream Truck will also be on site with all your favourite flavours.

Home Depot workshop


HomeDepot is proud to sponsor the Festival by bringing the the KIDS WORKSHOPS on site.  

Work shop kits will be available to assemble under the guided supervision of the Home Depot staff.

Workshops will be offered on a first come basis.  Noon - 2:30 PM.

Adult needs to stay with kids during workshop.

Sign up will start as soon as festival is open and will continue through out the period.  

Subject to available kits.  Home Depot will be bringing all the tools and 350 kits for the festival.  



NTEC would like to extend thanks our sponsors for their generous donation and support for the Festival.  


NTEC is a registered Charity and we welcome all donation.  Donations and support from the community make all this possible.

Anyone wishing to become a sponsor can contact us  info@teslaeducational.ca  or by phone at 905-541-3469.

Festival Pre-registration


Admission is FREE, plus  for school age kids, we have  free back to school supplies, while supplies last.  Pre-registration will guarantee up to 2 package per registration, additional may be available, on a first come basis.

To speed up admission and allow us to be ready to process your admission, please pre-register at 


Your pre-regisration will only be used to communicate,  any new details about the festival. or to send you a reminder.



Can you help.  Volunteers are what makes the festival a reality.

Volunteers will be provided a T shirt and complementary lunch.

Student will be provide acknowledgement of hours to meet the volunteer hours for school requirements.


If you can lend us a hand, prior, during or after the festival please register at 

https://tinyurl.com/ntecvolunteer  or send us an email to info@teslaeducational.ca

Vendor/Exhibitor are welcome


Would you like to exhibit, or be a vendor at the Festival.    

We have a range of options and opportunities.  please contact us at info@teslaeducational.ca 

We have 3 indoor spaces plus canape area and tents.  We can accommodate you by a table or a booth.  We even have the tents if you need one. (while supplies last)

Vendor Application -click link.


site plan for the festival



Special invitation to the various communities in the city.  Historical society, ethic communities among others are welcome to display what brought your community to the city.

Sponsors for 2019

City Of hamilton


City Council has authorize the free use of the Museum of Steam and Technology for the Tesla Electric City Festival. 


The Hamilton City Council endorsed NTEC effort to educate and inspire the public about Hamilton's history.

This is NTEC's 4th Festival,  dedicated to the City's rich history starting with the arrival of Hamilton's as the Electric City.  The Vendors and exhibitors will be housed in 3 building, the 1859 Pump House, the 1859 Wood Shed and the 1913 Pump House.  

The 1913 Pump House has on display a massive AC induction  motor that was used to pump water to the City.  

This is your opportunity to learn about the history of both Steam and Technology from 1859 to the early 20th century and he history that defined Hamilton as in industrial powerhouse  

Your admission to both the Festival and the Museum is FREE for the day.



The Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology  located at 900 Woodward Ave, Hamilton will be provide logistics and staff to work the festival.  

Please visit the Museum website and look for the Advertising coordinated via the Museum  of CHCH TV, social media, and other forms of outreach for the event.  Watch the CHCH Morning Live show during or Septepmber 26 or 27 to see what to expect at the festival.

:   https://www.hamilton.ca/attractions/hamilton-civic-museums/hamilton-museum-steam-technology-national-historic-site 

Home Depot (Ancaster)


Home Depot will be providing a work shop on site with 300 workshop kits for kids to build under the supervision of trained workshop crew, home depot staff.


K-Lite Promotional sponsorship


K-Lite will be  providing radio and social media promotion for the event.  The K-Lite cruiser will be on site during the event.

Thousands of dollars in advertising and promotion on K-Lite  Radio and K-lite social media. 

AC Tesla


AC Tesla of Burlington On

A proud sponsor since 2016 and the Put "Tesla on the Map" fundraising drive.

At TECF , AC Tesla is the sponsor and provided of The Tesla Experience, a virtual reality about nikola Tesla.




BBM Business Systems has been one of our principle sponsors for all of our flyers and posters from day one of our organization.

 BBM Business Systems brings you superior digital security, performance reliability in office equipment and is a proud sponsor of TECF. 


punjab international


822 Queenston Rd

Stoney Creek

 Punjab International carries a longstanding tradition of providing the finest and the freshest. When looking for a unique, hard to acquire ingredient, Punjab international never disappoints. Over 40 years of service, Punjab International still takes pride in providing excellent customer service to Hamilton and its local neighbouring communities. 


Ctrl V Hamilton



Ctrl V’s mission to accelerate the adoption of VR at an affordable price, we want to provide customers with a zero-risk opportunity to experience this for themselves.

840 Queenston Rd., Unit 14
Stoney Creek, Ontario
L8G 4A8, Canada 


Located in Battlefield Square Plaza 


Audi Hamilton


Audi Hamilton

 1215 Upper James St,

Hamilton, Ontario,L9C 3B2


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The history and how it is used to inspire.

BAsef project winners


NTEC has presented Nikola Tesla awards at the Bay Area Science and Engineering fair since 2015.  There are over 100 recipients  of the Nikola Tesla Award.  Awards are presented to Project that demonstrate elements of Nikola Tesla's inventions.

Awards are used to inspire the students.  Many o the students are unaware that their project actually displayed Nikola Tesla elements.  

The Top 3 projects, generally, are fully aware of Nikola Tesla and that their project are inspired by his inventions.

Plasma Ball


The plasma ball is built using a small tesla coil.  

This plasma ball,  16 inches in size,  is used in presentation to demonstrate how a tesla coil can illuminate the plasma inside a ball.

This Plasma Ball capability to light up florescent lights was demonstrated by students  at BASEF 2019.

This Plasma Ball will be on display at the Festival.  Kids will have an opportunity to experience first hand.  

This is a form of Tesla Magic.

Tesla Coil


The Tesla Coil was critical component in the wireless communication of the early 1900's.  The coil was first demonstrated by Nikola Tesla in 1898.

This coil is used in presentation to duplicate Tesla's magical demonstration in 1898.   Students get an opportunity to see if a florescent light will light up in their hands.

This coil will be demonstrated at the Festival.  It plays music and produces spark that 2 feet long.  

Learn more about the Tesla Coil and how it can inspire kids of all ages.

Nikola tesla Blvd


Put Tesla on the Map was the rally behind this internationally  funded campaign.  Donation were received from as far away as India, and Australia.  

The City of Hamilton linkage to Nikola Tesla is well documented in history.

Nikola Tesla Blvd is the most prominent display of Nikola  Tesla outside of  Serbia that has the Nikola Tesla Museum, Nikola Tesla Streets, Nikola Tesla Airport and the Nikola Tesla Power Station.  These signs are seen by over a quarter million daily on the QEW.  You can not miss these signs.  There are a total of 20 sings ranging in size from 10 to 80 square feet.

366 Victoria Ave hamilton


The Cataract Power Company building plans above show the layout of the site located at 366 Victoria Ave, Hamilton, Just north of the General Hospital.

The original building is still standing, as a testimony to Hamilton's history as the first Major City in Canada to be powered using Nikola Tesla's AC power system.

The company later became the Dominion Power and Transmission Co. Ltd.  

new discovery


John Patterson learned about Nikola Telsa's AC Polyphase System as early as 1890.  In 1894 he traveled to Niagara Falls to view the Adams Power Generation Station under construction.  Patterson quickly confirmed his knowledge when the Five Johns used Tesla's inventions to deliver power to Hamilton.  Decew PGS  today is the oldest continuously functioning power generation station around.  Decew I Power Generating Station commenced producing of hydroelectric power on August  25, 1898.  

This development sparked a whole new age.  It is referred to as the 2nd industrial revolution.

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NTEC volunteer will attend to make presentation titled Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the Five Johns

These presentation are also geared to the age group and knowledge of the audience.

if you wold like to see a complete presentation visit    https://tinyurl.com/NTEC-Videos  


Package is available for Elementary students grade 4-8.  We can modify for  younger students.

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School boards

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  • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Trustees
  • Waterloo Region School Board Trustees,
  • Halton District School Board - Superintendents , principals and teachers
  • Toronto District School Board - Superintendent


Presented to an over capacity attendance at the Dundas Valley historical Society..  Numerous appearance before City of Hamilton Council and on Cable 14 talk show.

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